My PLN Portfolio

A PLN is a personal learning network – a tool that we can use to acquire knowledge, make connections, and meet new people.  This can be very helpful and beneficial when taken advantage of and used correctly.  My major is Physical Activity and Lifelong Health.  For my personal learning network, I used LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is great Continue Reading

Summary Synthesis

My Interdisciplinary Studies major is Physical Activity and Lifelong Health.  My major is a combination of Health Promotion and Exercise and Sports Physiology, two fields which I have been very interested in over the course of my college career.  Health promotion is a field which focuses on living and promoting a healthy lifestyle.  Through the many classes I Continue Reading

Research Article

Proper nutrition is important for many different reasons, including reducing risk of disease, improving your ability to fight off illnesses, and improving your overall well-being.  In today’s society, fitness and healthy living is becoming more prominent, as there are many ways to stay healthy and many benefits associated with being healthy.  I am researching to see if Continue Reading

Milestone for the CF Community

Approximately three weeks ago, a milestone was hit for the Cystic Fibrosis community.  If you are unaware, Cystic Fibrosis is a life-threatening genetic disease that affects and damages the lungs and digestive system.  Just recently, the FDA approved the release of a drug that can treat the majority of Cystic Fibrosis patients.  The drug is called Trikafta and Continue Reading

Research Article Outline

My research article will study how eating a well-balanced diet can improve academic performance in college students. Part 1 I will discuss and explain my findings that suggest proper nutrition benefits scores among college students and how this was determined. Part 2 I will discuss and explain my findings regarding food insecurity and the negative Continue Reading


Burrows, Tracy L, et al. “Associations between Dietary Intake and Academic Achievement in College Students: A Systematic Review.” MDPI, Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 25 Sept. 2017, In the article, Associations Between Dietary Intake and Academic Achievement in College Students: A Systematic Review, Tracy L. Burrows, Megan C. Whatnall, Amanda J. Patterson and Melinda J. Hutchesson suggest that Continue Reading