AP Prospectus

For my applied project, I plan to study how increased physical activity and eating a well-balanced diet can increase quality of life for dementia patients.  I want to study this because I care for many people affected by dementia and am very interested in learning how a healthy lifestyle can benefit people with this disease.  Throughout my Continue Reading

RA Prospectus

In today’s society, nutrition, exercise and overall healthy living has been trending, as more people are understanding the importance of health and how it improves quality of life. I have always been very interested in nutrition and tried my fair share of different diets and food plans.  As I learned more about nutrition throughout my education, I Continue Reading

My Lifework

My overall goal throughout my lifework is to help others to live their happiest, healthiest lives.  I aim to do this by spreading positivity, sharing healthy lifestyle ideas and tips, and physically helping an individual in any way that he or she needs.  I have always been passionate and found my own kind of happiness through helping Continue Reading

Updated PLN Plan

While setting up my LinkedIn account, I searched ‘health’ in the search bar to see what I would find.  I found many different organizations and people who are passionate about health and promoting it.  I am focusing my major on exercise science and health promotion, so I also searched ‘fitness’ in the search bar.  I Continue Reading

My PLN Portfolio

A PLN is a personal learning network – a tool that we can use to acquire knowledge, make connections, and meet new people.  This can be very helpful and beneficial when taken advantage of and used correctly.  My major is Family and Exercise Promotion.  When I began my PLN, I decided to use Twitter, since Continue Reading