For this ePort post, I wanted to give an update on the advice and lessons I have been learning throughout my work with elderly people.  Each day I learn something new from at least one person I see, and I love sharing this advice to help others, but also to remind myself.  This is part two of everything I have learned, so be sure to read my first post if you missed it. 

  • “Growing up is no fun.”

Obviously, this goes without saying.  I know growing up is no fun, I see it everyday at my work.  To me, this was a reminder to live life while you’re young.  When I am old someday I want to look back and know that I lived each and every day to the fullest.

  • “People worry too much…everyone seems to forget that God is in charge of everything.”

I understand not everyone is religious, so this advice may not apply to everyone.  But what I took from this advice does not necessarily have to do with religion.  From this, I took that we simply have to realize that we cannot control everything.  I have no idea what my life will be like a month from today.  It could be exactly the same, it could be completely different.  Each decision we make will affect our lives, but in reality, we cannot control the world around us.  Life happens the way it happens, we might as well not worry about it so much.

  • “Everyday you’re alive is a good day.”

This made me very happy to hear from one of the guests.  Many of them are suffering and can find it hard to stay optimistic.  Although life can be tough at times, it is important to focus on the positive and realize how blessed you are everyday.

Once again, I feel blessed to work in an environment where I am able to learn not just about caring for people with dementia, but also many things about life.  I am excited to keep learning things in the future from all the new people I will meet along the way.

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