My Interdisciplinary Studies major is Physical Activity and Lifelong Health.  My major is a combination of Health Promotion and Exercise and Sports Physiology, two fields which I have been very interested in over the course of my college career.  Health promotion is a field which focuses on living and promoting a healthy lifestyle.  Through the many classes I have taken within this field, I have learned about proper nutrition, how to decrease risk of developing certain diseases, about mental and sexual health, and how to manage stress.  I have also learned and developed skills beneficial for promoting and encouraging a healthy lifestyle among others.  The Exercise and Sports Physiology program focuses on the body, human performance, and different types of exercise training.  Through the classes I have taken in this field, I learned about the body’s response to exercise, exercise training techniques, and how these techniques can impact chronic disease and quality of life.

For my applied project I chose to work with dementia patients on their nutrition and exercise regimen.  My goal for this project was teach dementia patients and their family members about healthy living, increase quality of life for the patients, and access the impact of these healthy changes.  I decided to do this project for many different reasons.  I work with people with dementia and I am very familiar with each person’s diet habits and overall lifestyle.  Throughout my interdisciplinary learning, I learned what goes into a proper diet and how much physical activity is needed.  I also learned the many benefits.  The patients I worked with I know very well.  I care about them and their quality of life.  This applied project gave me the perfect opportunity to increase quality of life for each individual, practice my health promotion skills, and share my knowledge from my IDS major.  This project truly contributed to my education because it gave me the ability to assess my health promotion skills and reflect what I could change or improve on.

For my research article I chose the topic of nutrition and its’ benefit on academic performance in college students.  My goal for this project was to study if eating a well-balanced diet improves academic performance among college students.  I chose this topic because I am a college student who is interested in nutrition and its’ impact.  I also understand and see how many college students struggle to eat a proper diet, due to not enough access or not enough funds to purchase healthy foods.  I was interested in learning about how a healthy diet can improve academics, so I can share this knowledge and promote a nutritional diet among my peers.  This project contributed to my education because it proved to me that yes, eating a well-balanced diet does improve academics.  This motivated me to continue to eat well and encourage other college students to do the same.

Being an Interdisciplinary Studies major has given me a different perspective compared to other majors, and a truly valuable education.  I was able to incorporate my many interests into one major and see how these fields interact and correlate with one another.  The Health Promotion courses I took taught me the basics behind health and how to promote and inspire healthy living among others.  The Exercise and Sports Physiology courses taught me all about the human body, its reaction to exercise, and how exercise strengthens the body and its performance.  Combining these two majors has given me a variety of knowledge in both subjects, which can be incorporated together to further improve my education.  I can use the health promotion skills I developed to not only promote proper nutrition, but also exercise and the techniques I learned in the physiology courses I have taken.  Being an IDS major has taught me to see things differently and recognize interactions between subjects and how this can develop new ideas.  I will use these skills in my future in the workplace to make discoveries, interact with a variety of people, and share knowledge about my unique, one-of-a-kind major.

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  1. Very nice work throughout here. You’ve done an especially good job of organizing and presenting your material — this ePort is a valuable archive of your learning, but also a portfolio that shows what you can do. It’s been a pleasure to read and to follow along in your journey.

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